Complete Arduino-based Health Monitoring System for the Elderly

With the rapid development in technology over the last decade, the healthcare field has been presented with great opportunities to optimize operations and improve the well-being of patients. While most hospitals and medical institutions have been quick to adopt these technologies, nursing homes and smaller hospitals still lag, especially in third-world countries. 

 In this capstone project, we designed a wearable device that can measure the essential vital signs of patients, detect their falls, and track their location. In addition, the data collected by the device will be sent to a backend side, allowing the caregivers using the mobile application developed in the context of this project to seamlessly monitor their assigned patients, while staying abreast of any critical situations that the patients may encounter. 

To streamline the data collection process as well as the decision-making procedure associated with it, some of the collected data was run through a machine learning algorithm with a view to improving the overall performance of the health monitoring system whose design guidelines and implementation are delineated in this report.

Project Details