Improving Driver’s Quality of Experience through a Variety of Vehicle and UAV-based Solutions

The quality of experience of a vehicle driver has attracted the attention of many product makers. However, the majority of products that were manufactured to tackle the challenging task of improving the quality of experience of a driver focused only on a single aspect of this very broad challenge. Specifically, these products dealt with only one problem at a time from the long list of challenges facing a driver and that includes drowsiness, distraction, accidents, potholes, or parking spots finding, to cite a few.  

Therefore, this capstone design project aims at introducing a one-step type of solution by discussing the main components associated with an in-house, interactive system that strives to maximize the degree of comfort and safety emanating from a car ride. In particular, the hardware and software components that make up system that was designed as part of this capstone design project are identified and then discussed in depth in the context of a full-fledged implementation. This discussion is coupled with a thorough justification of the main design decisions that had to be made during the course of this exciting journey that culminated in a well thought of solution whose design and implementation are discussed in the present report.  

In short, drowsiness, distraction, and accident mitigating solutions were both developed and embedded into a module that can be mounted onto any car. This is supplemented with a drone-based solution that provides support for pothole and vacant parking spots detection and whose findings are shared with the driver through a database-backed web application. The resulting framework helps to a great extent enhance the safety as well as the comfort aspects of a road trip.  

Project Details