Leak Detection System

Pipelines are everywhere nowadays. This paragon technology is what allowed human kind to progress to the point that it has reached today. It is through the use of pipelines that many are able to transport virtually any type of medium (water, oil, petroleum, gas, chemicals, etc.) from one place to another with great ease and in a very cost-effective manner. So many functionalities would be nonexistent if it wasn’t for this millennial’s old invention. So much as taking a bath would be a ridiculously arduous task, heating systems would be forced to be independent and much more resource consuming, and cars and automobiles themselves would require days of waiting to refuel, for the trucks and large transportation systems would wreak havoc on the roads by causing unfathomable traffics to deliver the very thing that they themselves require to work. Indeed, pipelines have simplified the aforementioned, but unfortunately remain a disregarded piece of utility, one that many tend to ignore.  

Like all technologies, unfortunately, pipelines are not impervious to the forces of nature. As they are struck daily with the modern world’s environmental hazards, they can only take so much before they subsequently fail. The moment they fail is when they are breached over time, and the substance that they are to transport is leaked everywhere. This is why it is pivotal to implement an optimal and cost-efficient method that automatically detects these leaks, and allows for maintenance in a timely fashion. This project specifically targets this problem, an provides an autonomous means of effectively overcoming it.  

Project Details