Maximizing Power Accessibility in Smart Homes

One of the main issues since the beginning of the generation and transmission of electrical power to households from power plants, is how to reduce wasting this power and make sure it is being used in the most efficient manner. With the latest advancements in technology, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, we can attempt to reach new ground when it comes to the efficiency and practicality of said power use. 

The Lebanese household typically has two to four sources of power such as EDL (Electricite du Liban), subscription generator, in addition to solar power and battery reserve which has seen huge rise in popularity due to the fossil fuel and dollar crisis in Lebanon. Managing power consumption on four different sources can be both a challenging and rewarding task where large monetary and energy savings can be achieved. In this context, our suggested system aims to automate certain loads such as water heaters, and house temperature control systems to minimize energy waste, as in the case of a saturated solar-battery system. 

Project Details