Addressing the challenge of Lean sustainability with simulation modeling at a local apparel manufacturer

The proposed project is to transform the entire clothes manufacturing process at a local clothing manufacturer in order to improve its efficiency and effectiveness, using the Lean process improvement methodology, combined with the simulation modeling method. The proposed innovation in this project is to integrate Lean principles and techniques with simulation modeling tools, an approach that is still exploratory in the literature and not yet applied in practice. The primary benefit of this approach is to use simulation prior to implementation in order reduce the usual costly trial and error attempts on the factory floor. In addition, simulation modeling can help capture any undesirable side-effects that compromise the sustainment of the Lean improvements in the long-term due to resistance to change and other factors. This will require a) extensive data collection about process characteristics, work methods, energy consumption, working environment, among others, and b) modeling the processes to identify sources of inefficiency and developing appropriate solutions.


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