VIP+ Projects

Virtual Reality Assisted Remote Education System Automating Medication Supply Chain in Hospitals through Automated Drug Dispensing Machines Airport 4.0 - Opportunities, Challenges and Risks of Digitization of Airports and Impact on Airline Management Practices Addressing the challenge of Lean sustainability with simulation modeling at a local apparel manufacturer Revolutionizing Operations: Sustainable strategies at the Nexus of Industrial Revolution, Lean six sigma, and Agile Management From Food Loss to Pectin: Unlocking Hidden Value in Agricultural Byproducts Smart Irrigation System Water Desalination at Very Low Cost Developing an AutoCAD tool for automatic generation of excavation drawings based on user-defined input Exploring the Viability of Sustainable Concrete Mix Design using Recycled Materials: A Study on the Effects of Mixed Waste and Recyclable Materials on Concrete Properties and Performance of Structural Members Cost-effective soil improvement and seepage control techniques in congested urban areas Towards Smart and Green Municipalities Reduction of greenhouse gases emissions by Carbon capture and storage Towards the end of period poverty A Lean Approach to Designing Sustainable Value Chains in Food, Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries Early Diagnosis of kidney damage Business model development and technical design of shared renewable energy systems in urban areas AI for Student-Major Fit: Placing the Right Student in the Right Field Vision, Intelligence, and Robotics Applications (VIRA) Design Project