Developing an AutoCAD tool for automatic generation of excavation drawings based on user-defined input

In collaboration with Dar, a leading international consulting design firm, this project provides students with a unique learning experience related to the construction world. Excavation drawings and shoring system drawings are project-specific outputs that design companies spend several hours/months generating and revising before producing the final construction drawings that contractors require to initiate the work on-site. The purpose of this project is to expose the students to an off-textbook learning experience where they will interact directly with design engineers and learn how their university knowledge is applied in real practice.

While the main goal is to develop a tool that generates excavation drawings based on user-defined input, the work will be divided into several phases:

The input data will include 3D topographic surveys, 3D earthworks and/or foundation levels, and soil profiles. The following programming languages could be used: C#,, Python, or Java, all of which are based on .Net framework. The tool must be compatible with AutoCAD 2020 or later versions. It should be accessible via AutoCAD Civil 3D ribbon, and a corresponding deployment package, including a cui file, should be provided. Most importantly, the tool should reference supporting documents, which will be stored on a shared network drive accessible by Dar’s premises once the tool is deployed.

Desired Disciplines

Computer Science

Team Leaders

Dr. Grace Abou-Jaoude and Dr. Hamza Jaffal