Reduction of greenhouse gases emissions by Carbon capture and storage

Nowadays, climate change and global warming are two challenges facing the world. Increasing concentrations of CO2 that accounts for 76 percent of total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the atmosphere is highly contributing to the global warming. CO2 originates from the consumption of fossil fuels among others. Renewable energy cannot keep up with the growing demand of energy, and fossil fuels will still be needed. Thus, there is an urgent need to reduce CO2 emissions by capturing then storing this GHG underground.

Several companies are working on the improvement of carbon capture and storage worldwide: Schlumberger, Shell, SAIPEM, Carbfix, Global Thermostat, etc.

This project is a unique opportunity for students from Engineering, Science, and Business to work on a multidisciplinary topic to solve a challenge faced by several industries worldwide and that is affecting our everyday life. Students will develop skills necessary to improve existing carbon capture and storage techniques, thus reducing operating cost and environmental negative impact.

Desired Disciplines

Petroleum Engineering
Civil/Environmental Engineering

Team Leaders

Dr. Nissrine El Hassan and Dr. Elie Chalhoub