Exploring the Viability of Sustainable Concrete Mix Design using Recycled Materials: A Study on the Effects of Mixed Waste and Recyclable Materials on Concrete Properties and Performance of Structural Members

At its core, our primary aim is to revolutionize concrete composition by harnessing the potential of recyclable and waste materials, a response to the dwindling natural resource reserves and the mounting volumes of construction and demolition waste (CDW). In the aftermath of a devastating earthquake in Turkey, which claimed over 45,000 lives, injured hundreds of thousands, and displaced millions, while also causing extensive damage to infrastructure and buildings, the urgency of this research is evident. Our ambition is twofold: to engineer concrete blends that not only diminish waste but also equal or surpass the performance attributes of traditional concrete. Through exhaustive experimentation and analysis, we aspire to pinpoint the ideal material mix that strikes this equilibrium.
This endeavor carries significant implications for the industry’s sustainability. By reducing the demand for natural resources and curtailing greenhouse gas emissions associated with concrete manufacturing, our work holds the potential to deliver an ecologically positive impact on a global scale. In seismic-prone regions like Turkey, where the recent earthquake led to an unprecedented surge in CDW, our research offers the prospect of constructing more resilient structures while addressing environmental concerns.

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Team Leaders

Dr. Camille Issa and Dr. Nagib Gerges