Vision, Intelligence, and Robotics Applications (VIRA) Design Project

Understanding how computer vision technologies can be integrated with different artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics applications to design and implement real-life engineering projects defined based on the use cases of industry partners. It is designed to engage undergraduate and graduate students from LAU’s computer, electrical, and mechatronics engineering and computer science programs, to work on developing solutions for open-ended design projects with functional specifications and realistic constraints set by the industry partners. They will prepare the background material to cover the state of the art technologies related to the topics of their projects, ranging from computer vision, virtual reality, machine learning, knowledge engineering (mainly for computer engineering and computer science students), to robotics control, localization, navigation, and mapping (mainly for electrical and mechatronics engineering students). Students following this course will be eligible to conduct internship missions at the partner institutions, where they will work under the co-supervision of our industry partners. The course provides a culminating design implementation experience that is concluded by a written report and an oral presentation. In the process, students will learn about the different afore mentioned technologies to help solve practical industry problems and deliver the desired project outcomes.

Desired Disciplines

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Industry Partners