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Jun. 21   LebNet-LAU Initiative Adds Leverage for Engineering Students

Jun. 10   SPE Student Chapter Awarded Excellence Award

May. 23   The M.S. in Industrial Engineering & Engineering Management is now open to BE holders in Industrial Engineering

Apr. 23   M.S. in Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management Opens Admissions to all Engineering Disciplines

Apr. 13   ASCE Distinguished Chapter Award for LAU

Apr. 1   Heartfelt Farewell to Ms. Andrea Jamhour

Mar. 31   Graduate Program Scholarship

Mar. 4   LAU’s Petroleum Engineering in top 100-150 bracket worldwide

Feb. 21   Check-out the latest SOE Newsletter

Feb. 1   SOE Faculty Contributes to World Bank Study


Dec. 21   Michael Haddad and Ambassador Shea at LAU

Dec. 7   C.A.T. International Shows Incredible Support to LAU’s Engineering Students through $50,000 Donation Running over 5 Years

Nov. 29   LAU Scientists Recognized Among Top 2 Percent Worldwide

Nov. 16   LAU Engineering Shines in Stanford Study

Nov. 10   Society of Petroleum Engineers Win First Place in Abu Dhabi

Oct. 30   Dr. Lina Karam: Plenary Speaker at IEEE Conference

Oct. 23   Dr. Lina Karam invited as Plenary Speaker at the premier IEEE ICIP 2020

Sep. 30   LAU Engineering houses some of the most sophisticated Labs in MENA

Sep. 4   SOE Alumna and Faculty Talk Aviation

Jul. 28   SOE Students Make Strides in Computer Vision

Jul. 8   LAU Faculty Forges Lasting Partnership with BMW

Jul. 1   LAU Petroleum Engineers Recognized for Twin Accomplishments

Jun. 24   SOE Society of Petroleum Engineers Student Chapter Wins a Prestigious Award

Jun. 15   What It’s Like to Be a Student Athlete: Aziz Abdel Massih and Elie Chamoun

Jun. 10   16th International Conference on Wireless Communications & Mobile Computing (IWCMC 2020)

Jun. 8   SOE Designs and 3D-Prints Face Shields

May. 21   Students Crack the Code for Airline Waste Problems

May. 16   Mobility NEXT: webinar on eMobility in Lebanon with the Association of Energy Engineers

May. 15   Faculty Spotlight: Nabil Nehme

May. 6   Faculty Spotlight: Caesar Abi Shdid

Mar. 26   SOE faculty leading the design of Ventilator prototype

Jan. 28   L’Oreal Brandstorm 2020

Jan. 13   Alumna Reem Outa Tops Infiniti Engineering Academy


Dec. 13   SOE Faculty Wins Prestigious Grant

Nov. 28   LAUers Excel at BMW Group Hackathon

Nov. 25   Planning an internship Abroad?

Nov. 25   Structured for Success

Nov. 18   Murex Recruitment Presentation - 27 November 2019

Sep. 30   Inside the BMW Internship

Sep. 27   MIT Visit to LAU

Sep. 18   Upcoming Event: Salary Expectations for Fresh Graduates

Aug. 26   LAU and Syracuse Celebrate a Decade of their Internship Program DSLIP

Aug. 6   Partnership with the Ministry of Energy and Water Expands Prospects

Jul. 8   SOE Takes On Traffic

Jun. 20   First Lego League 2019 @ LAU Byblos - short Movie Clip

Jun. 20   FIRST LEGO League Debuts in the Region at LAU

May. 29   FIRST LEGO LEAGUE 2019 Open International @ LAU Byblos

May. 10   BMWGroup-Beirut-Hachathon

Apr. 8   Engineering at LAU: the professional world invites itself to the university

Apr. 4   Young Engineers Shine and Win Scholarships

Apr. 4   Artificial intelligence: the boom of a technology with many challenges

Apr. 4   With modern technology, the computer engineer will be more and more solicited

Apr. 4   Future Engineers Gather at LAU for a NERD Battle

Mar. 26   Alumnus and Tech Entrepreneur Makes Forbes List

Mar. 26   SOE Faculty to Spearhead Wastewater Management Project

Mar. 26   A “Break” from the Civil Engineering Routine

Feb. 7   Students Dig for Answers on Lebanon’s Natural Fuels

Jan. 8   Demystifying Electric Vehicles


Dec. 21   George Salloum and His Team Want to Help People Get Healthy

Dec. 17   Students and Faculty Win Big at the LIRA 14 Expo

Dec. 7   LAU Faculty Participates in “Ground-Breaking” Earthquake Conference

Dec. 5   Tuning into Computer-based Music Arrangements

Nov. 19   LAU Engineering Scholarship Award Competition - March 23, 2019

Nov. 15   Young Robotics Engineers Battle it out in NERD Open Championship

Nov. 12   E-Mobility in Lebanon?

Nov. 12   An internship at BMW in Munich for Lebanese students.

Nov. 7   Budding Engineers Learn from the Experts

Oct. 25   SOE Lecturer Makes Strides for Women in Sciences

Oct. 25   Building a Strong Foundation

Oct. 23   BMW Seeks Out Students

Oct. 4   Fadel Recruitment Presentation - 16 October 2018

Sep. 26   School of Engineering Receives Accreditation from the Federation of Arab Engineering

Sep. 24   Programs Creating Other Programs

Sep. 17   Student Entrepreneur Wants to Optimize Solar Power

Sep. 7   New Dean Dreams Big at SOE

Sep. 5   Engineering in the Service of Music

Sep. 3   LAU-BMW Workshop: The Fast Track to Robotics Applications

Jul. 18   Paving the Way for Lebanon’s Rising Engineers

Jun. 11   Collaboration entre la LAU et le Centre européen de recherche nucléaire

Apr. 16   LAU alumni, students and faculty put AI to the test in creating emotional music

Mar. 21   “Bridging” Theory and Practice


Dec. 20   The School of Engineering represents LAU at CERN

Nov. 24   “Exploration Workflow In Frontier Basins: The case study of the Levant Basin offshore Lebanon” Seminar - 29 November 2017

Nov. 23   Recruitment presentation: FOO solutions - 23 November 2017

Nov. 10   Agrytech Accelerator Program Presentation - 15 November 2017

Oct. 25   CME Offshore Recruitment presentation

Oct. 25   The Researcher Who Wants to Tidy the Web

Oct. 16   The seed of an idea at LAU expected to bloom in Silicon Valley

Oct. 4   LAU - Byblos Campus Construction Projects Seminars & Site Visits

Sep. 27   Engineering Students on LBCI - بتحلى الحياة episode

Sep. 7   Talk to the glove: LAU students topple barriers

Sep. 6   From college dorms in Lebanon to a startup in Silicon Valley

Aug. 10   LAU Engineering students at the LDE Conference: Innovative design to help the deaf

Jul. 6   Alumnus donation boosts engineering research

Jun. 19   LAU automotive engineering day attracts international companies and agencies

May. 26   School of Engineering honors outstanding students

Apr. 20   Engineering Week 2017

Mar. 13   LAU Engineering Scholarship Award Competition - March 18, 2017

Feb. 16   L’Oréal Brandstorm 2017 - on February 17 at 12:30pm

Feb. 7   LAU Innovation Challenge– Launching Event on Wednesday February 8, 2017

Feb. 6   £1.9M PetEx software donation

Jan. 13   Networked Energy Services (NES) presentation - 18 January 2017 at 12 pm


Nov. 24   Site Technology Corporate Presentation - November 25, 2016 @ 10 am

Nov. 17   Architecture and Engineering BIM workshop - November 18, 2016

Nov. 10   Lebanese Start-Ups

Nov. 2   Imagine Cup Roadshow 2017

Sep. 30   Exploring the Hydrocarbon potential of the Eastern Mediterranean through Integrated Science Seminar on Oct. 5, 16

Sep. 20   Borosa Acoustic Levitation Seminar - Friday, September 23, 2016 at 3:00pm

Sep. 2   A Beirut-based Startup is Developing Smarter Drones

May. 31   Learning actively through undergraduate research

Apr. 18   2016 LAU Engineering Week

Apr. 18   Presentation by the President of the Order of Engineers and Architects in Beirut- Monday April 18, 2016

Apr. 12   IEEE Distinguished Lecturer Seminar - 26 April 2016

Mar. 22   Engineers to Germany - 23 March 2016

Mar. 2   Engineering contest- Onyx Prime Consultants, 9 March 2016

Jan. 25   KAPPA visit - Wednesday 27 Jan 2016

Jan. 25   MIT Mentorship Program Presentation - Monday January 25,2016


Nov. 16   SOE Research Seminar Series - November 18, 2015

Nov. 12   AAPG (American Association of Petroleum Geologists)ME President Presentation - 16 November 2015

Oct. 26   Microsoft Imagine Cup Roadshow - 28 October 2015

Oct. 7   SOE Research Seminar Series, October 7, 2015

Sep. 28   Explore Career Opportunities at National Instruments - 1 Oct 2015

Sep. 2   Bain & Company - Recruitment Presentation - 11 Sep. 2015

May. 13   President Obama recognizes our brilliant alumni Ziad Sankari as one of the Top Entrepreneurs

Apr. 20   SOE Research Seminar Series - 22 April 2015

Apr. 17   Engineering Week “The Future of Energy” April 20-24, 2015

Apr. 16   Energy Day - 23 April 2015

Apr. 1   Pro-Green Summer 2015 - Apply Now

Mar. 24   CME Offshore Presentation - 1 April 2015

Feb. 13   SOE Research Seminar Series - 18 February 2015

Jan. 27   The car of the future is all about energy efficiency

Jan. 12   Is Lebanon’s electricity sector heading toward institutionalized privatization?

Jan. 9   Pro-Green Joint Diploma


Dec. 23   Celebrating innovative engineering project and fundraising climb

Dec. 5   SOE Research Seminar Series - December 10, 2014

Nov. 7   SOE Research Seminar Series - November 12, 2014

Oct. 28   A new engineering horizon opens for LAU students

Oct. 14   LAU Students Set New Standards During Global Design For UNICEF CHALLENGE

Oct. 13   Recruitment Presentation by National Instruments

Oct. 13   Saving the Earth’s endangered resources: treating and reusing phosphorus in Lebanon

Oct. 13   LAU student invents zucchini corer and competes on TV program

Sep. 30   LAU students set new standards during Global Design for UNICEF Challenge

Sep. 26   SOE Research Seminar Series - “SemIndex: Semantic-Aware Inverted Index”

Jul. 2   Engineering Solutions to Today’s Problems

May. 8   Engineering Projects Day 2014

Apr. 2   Seminar: “Lattice Detection of MIMO Systems”

Mar. 14   Interactive Workshop: “Things Nobody Will Tell You about Social Media”

Feb. 7   BE in Petroleum Engineering


May. 8   Engineering Projects Day EPD’13 - May 13, 2013 at 12:00 p.m.

Feb. 28   Booz & Co corporate Presentation - March 8, 2013

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