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No projects listed for this semester


Visible light communication based indoor positioning for smart buildings

Student: Ayman Al Baarini; Rayan Al Sobbahi; Christelle Saliba | Advisor: Dr. Chadi Abou Rjeily

Detecting driving manners using accelerometer data

Student: Milad Bassil, Nabil El Masri, and Youssef Shakrina | Advisor: Dr. Chadi Abou Rjeily


Student: David Kors, Charbel Matta, Houssein Sayed | Advisor: Dr. Dani Tannir

Eye-Recognize blind sight assistant system

Student: Rita Abi Akl, Mohammad Al- Abbas, and Eliott Haddad | Advisor: Dr. Dani Tannir

A smart Alzheimer friendly enviornment - SAFE

Student: Joseph Chalhoub, Joey-Jules El Helou, and Rafic Mansour | Advisor: Dr. Wissam Fawaz

Weight-sorting Dumbwaiter

Student: Ibrahim Hamwi | Advisor: Dr. Harag Margossian


Student: Ahmad Fakih, Rayyan Fayyad, and Michel Sayegh | Advisor: Dr. Harag Margossian


No projects listed for this semester



AIOR: Automated Inter-Office Documents Delivery Robot Using RFID

Student: Assem Al Achkar and Anthony Nasr | Advisor: Dr. Zahi Nakad

Firefighting Robot

Student: Youssef Feghaly | Advisor: Dr. Samer Saab

BTS Monitoring

Student: Ghaleb Kassab | Advisor: Dr. Zahi Nakad

Intelligent Home Controller

Student: Youssef Lahoud | Advisor: Dr. Zahi Nakad

Free Voice and Chat LAN Call

Student: Rayan Saad and Dalia El Khaled | Advisor: Dr. Iyad Ouaiss

Driver Warning System

Student: Maya Ayoub | Advisor: Dr. Iyad Ouaiss


Automated Shopping System

Student: Hussein Al Saadi | Advisor: Dr. Zahi Nakad


Student: Nadine Daoud & Ali Hariri | Advisor: Dr. Dani Tannir

Radio Frequency Energy

Student: Jinane Maksoud & Ali El Amine | Advisor: Dr. Samer Saab

Restaurant Automation System

Student: Catherine Ghadban & Kathy Elias El Homsi | Advisor: Dr. Zahi Nakad

Server Room Monitoring & Control

Student: Abbas Sabbagh & Khalil Namro | Advisor: Dr. Zahi Nakad


Automated Vacuum Cleaner

Student: Rodric Atallah & Karl Saker | Advisor: Dr. Raymond Ghajar

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