Industrial and Mechanical Engineering

BE in Industrial Engineering ENPMED track

The School of Engineering offers an Engineering Pre-Med (ENPMED) track as part of all its undergraduate programs.

The fast advancements in the medical and health professions has exerted additional pressure on practitioners to acquire a better understanding of the underlying technologies. Due to the growing use of technologies for medicine and health, there is a growing interest among students who pursue medical degrees and health related degrees, to acquire a strong engineering background prior to joining medical and health-related professions. This need presents an opportunity for the SOE to bridge this gap by providing students with an option of acquiring a BE in engineering with a PreMed track, referred to herein as Engineering PreMED (ENPMED). ENPMED credits are integrated within each curriculum based on a different mix of credits depending on each degree program requirements.

The offered ENPMED track provides an opportunity for engineering students to apply to Medical School and pursue an MD degree, or pursue graduate studies in the biomedical and health related fields, or work in their chosen major after receiving their Bachelor of Engineering degree.

Curriculum effective Fall 2022

First year


Number Course Cr
COE212 Engineering Programming 3
ENG202 Advanced Academic English 3
GNE212 Engineering Mechanics 3
MEE211 Engineering Graphics 1
MTH201 Calculus III 3
BIO201 General Biology I 3
BIO201B General Biology I Lab 1


Number Course Cr
ELE305 Introduction to Electrical Eng. 3
GNE333 Engineering Analysis 3
GNE331 Probability and Statistics 3
MTH206 Calculus IV 3
CHM201 Chemical Principles 3


Number Course Cr
MTH304 Differential Equations 3
CHM311 Organic Chemistry 3
—- LAS Elective* 3


Second year


Number Course Cr
INE307 Intro. To Deterministic OR Models 3
INE340 Advanced Statistics 3
INE212 Computer Applications in INE 2
MEE321 Material Properties & Processes 3
—- LAS Elective* 3
BCH300 Essentials of Biochemistry 3


Number Course Cr
INE308 Intro. To Stochastic OR models 3
INE320 Engineering Economy I 3
INE346 Production Systems I 3
INE362 Manufacturing Processes 3
INE363 Manufacturing Lab. 1
—- LAS Elective* 3


Number Course Cr
COM203 Art of Public Communication 3
GNE301 Professional Communication 2
BIO321 Genetics 3


Third year


Number Course Cr
GNE303 Engineering Ethics 2
INE450 Simulation 3
INE451 Simulation Lab 1
INE442 Quality Control 3
INE446 Production Systems II 3
INE— Technical Elective (1/9) [Area 1] 3


Number Course Cr
INE428 Project Management 3
INE438 Facilities Planning and Logistics 3
INE— Technical Elective (2/9) [Area 2] 3
INE— Technical Elective (3/9) [Area 3] 3
MEE401 Energy Systems 2
BIO260 Human Anatomy and Physiology 3


Number Course Cr
INE498 Professional Experience 6

Fourth year


Number Course Cr
INE591 Project 1 3
INE593 Capstone Engineering Design 1
INE416 Ergonomics 3
INE417 Ergonomics Lab 1
INE— Technical Elective (4/9) [Area 4] 3
INE— Technical Elective (5/9) [Free] 3
INE— Technical Elective (6/9) [Free] 3


Number Course Cr
INE491 Seminar on Contemporary Issues 2
INE592 Project II 3
INE— Technical Elective (7/9) [Free] 3
INE— Technical Elective (8/9) [Free] 3
INE— Technical Elective (9/9) [Free] 3
—- LAS Elective* 3

*While sitting for the MCAT entrance exams does not require candidates to have taken any particular liberal arts course, some questions may require knowledge of psychology and sociology. It is therefore recommended that students in the pre-med track take PSY201 Intro to Psychology and SOC201 Intro to Sociology to increase their chances of passing the MCAT. These courses do not count towards meeting the university requirements of Liberal Arts and Science Curriculum, and thus they will need to be taken above and beyond the required 12 credits of LASC electives.

Technical elective courses by concentration areas

The INE Technical Elective courses MUST include at least one course from each of the four concentration areas: Optimization, Production Systems, Manufacturing, and Industrial Management & Economics. The remaining INE Technical Elective courses can be taken from ANY concentration area.


INE407 [3-0, 3 cr.] Network Flow
INE599G [3-0, 3 cr.] Six Sigma
INE599I [3-0, 3 cr.] Industrial Eng. App. In Services Industries
Production Systems
INE541 [3-0, 3 cr.] Quality Management Systems
INE542 [3-0, 3 cr.] Supply Chain Management
INE544 [3-0, 3 cr.] Inventory Analysis
INE548 [3-0, 3 cr.]Machine Scheduling
INE563 [3-0, 3 cr.] CAD/CAM
INE599A [3-0, 3 cr.] Lean Manufacturing
Industrial Management & Economics
INE506 [3-0, 3 cr.] Decision Analysis
INE521 [3-0, 3 cr.] Engineering Economy II
INE523 [3-0, 3 cr.] Financial Engineering
INE527* [3-0, 3 cr.] Project Scheduling
INE529 [3-0, 3 cr.]Project Contracting
INE599D [3-0, 3 cr.] Intro to System Dynamics
INE599K [3-0, 3 cr.] Risk Assessment and Management
Special Topics
INE594 [3-0, 3 cr.] Undergraduate Research Project
INE599 [1-3, 3 cr.] Topics in Industrial Engineering

Course Map

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