Industrial and Mechanical Engineering

Course Listing

The graduate Mechanical engineering program consists of 30 credit hours and leads to a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering.

The degree requirements are:

Core Requirements

Number Course Cr
GNE798 Research Methods 3
MEE791 Thesis 6

Technical Elective Requirements

Number Course Cr
MEE700 Renewable Energy  3
MEE701 Energy Audit 3
MEE702 Passive Building Design  3
MEE703 Power Plant Engineering 3
MEE704 Applied Solar Energy 3
MEE705 Internal Combustion Engines  3
MEE706 Vehicle Powertrain Systems  3
MEE707 Advanced Powertrain Systems  3
MEE708 Intro to Sustainable Energy  3
MEE709 Sustainable Architecture  3
MEE710 Advanced Fluid Mechanics  3
MEE711 Boundary Layer Theory  3
MEE713 Gas Turbines  3
MEE714 Computational Fluid Dynamics  3
MEE717 Turbo Machinery  3
MEE718 Turbulence Modeling 3
MEE720 Composite Materials  3
MEE721 Finite Element Methods  3
MEE722 Innovative Engineering & Design 3
MEE730 Lean Manufacturing  3
MEE731 Six Sigma  3
MEE732 Adv. Manuf. & AI  3
MEE735 Surface Engineering and Surface Generation  3
MEE736 Plastics Manufacturing  3
MEE740 Introduction to Robotics  3
MEE741 Control of Electrified Vehicles  3
MEE742 Smart Materials and Structures  3
MEE743 Advanced Dynamics  3
MEE744 Vehicle Motor Drives and Storage Systems 3
MEE745 Theory of Vibration 3
MEE746 Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos  3
MEE750 CAD of Adv.Mech Systems  3
MEE761 Intro to Plant Design  3
MEE762 Pump Design for Oil & Gas  3
MEE780A Energy Stor. & Charging Sys. in Autom. App 1
MEE780B Advanced Thermodynamics in Automobile  1
MEE780C MEE780C Vehicle Motor Drives 1