Mechatronics Engineering Program

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Mechatronic Engineering course descriptions

MCE301 Electromechanics  [3-0, 3 cr.] This course discusses the analysis and design of electromechanical devices, with an emphasis on power and energy applications. Devices based upon mechanical forces generated by both electromagnetic fields and materials with electromechanical material properties will be considered. Pre-requisites: ELE302 Electric Circuits II.

MCE410 Mechatronics System Design I  [3-0, 3 cr.] This course introduces the basic mechatronic system components, design principles, and implementation combining hardware and software approaches with project-based learning.  The course focuses on essential topics in mechatronics including electronics, sensors and actuators, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, mechanical and electrical drawings, programming of various digital controllers and processors widely used in robotics and industrial automation. Pre-requisites: ELE401 Electronics I or MEE391 Instrumentation and Measurements.

MCE411 Mechatronics System Design II [3-0,3cr.] This course introduces design and real-time implementation principles of mechatronic systems combining hardware and software approaches with project-based learning. The course focuses on essential topics in mechatronics including advanced digital controllers, sensors and actuators, modeling and simulation of mechatronic systems as well as feedback control considering unconventional control techniques such as Fuzzy logic. The course also discusses modern trends in engineering and their integration in Mechatronics System Design.  Prerequisite: MCE 410 Mechatronics System Design I and (ELE 442 Control Systems or MEE 445 Control Systems).

MCE498 Professional Experience   [0-6, 6 cr.] This course covers professional experience through training in the execution of real-life engineering projects. Pre-requisites: Fifth-year standing and the consent of the instructor.

MCE510 Real time systems  [3-0, 3 cr.] This course emphasizes hard and soft real time computer system design for uniprocessor embedded system applications and distributed real time systems. Topics covered include characterizing real-time systems, performance measure, task assigning, scheduling, Fault tolerant scheduling, run-time error handling, run-time support, kernel, real time databases, real-time communication, software development techniques; practical applications. Pre-requisites: MEE391 Instrumentation and Measurements.

MCE520 Industrial Automation  [3-0, 3 cr.] This course introduces you to practical methods of automatic control of machines, processes and systems. All major parts of a modern industrial control system will be described and their principles explained. These include the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), as the system ‘brain’, various field devices, which allow the system to ‘sense’ and ‘affect’ the controlled environment, and communication between the system components. The principles of developing PLC programs and practical examples of control systems will be also presented. The course provides individual hands-on experience in PLC programming. Pre-requisites: MCE411 Mechatronics System Design.

MCE522 Intelligent Building Management Systems  [3-0, 3 cr.] Automation, communication and security; mechanical, electrical, electronic subsystems and their integration with the building envelope; environment, energy and sustainability; configuration and operational characteristics; performance specifications; analytical models; design methods; case studies. Topics covered includes sensors, novel and mobile controllers, and their applications for air conditioning, fire safety, transportation and lighting control systems. Pre-requisites: Fifth-year standing and the consent of the instructor.

MCE524 Building Automation systems   [3-0, 3 cr.] This course studies the design and wiring of electronic devices used to control and monitor buildings. Students will be introduced to direct digital control systems in buildings. Concepts and principles to quantify and analyze inputs and outputs from measurement devices utilized to determine parameters such as temperature, pressure, voltage, amperage and flow rate.

MCE530 Smart Materials  [3-0, 3 cr.] Covers various smart materials, such as shape memory alloys and piezoelectric and magnetostrictive materials, current research in material development and diverse applications in areas such as medicine, automobiles and aerospace. The aim of the course is to bridge the gap between different areas of material development, characterization, modeling and practical applications of smart materials. Pre-requisites: Fifth-year standing and the consent of the instructor.

MCE532 MEMS  [3-0, 3 cr.] Static and quasistatic fields for microelectromechanical transducers & certain microfluidic schemes. Capacitance models, lumped parameter electromechanics, & two-port device descriptions. Reciprocity & sensitivity issues. Brief review of microfabrication technologies. Case studies of practical micro-actuators & sensor elements. Pre-requisites: ELE401 Electronics I.

MCE540 Biomechatronics  [3-0, 3 cr.] Biomechatronics is the application of mechatronic engineering to human biology . This course will cover state-of-the-art in the field of Biomechatronics including assistive technologies, prosthetic devices, rehabilitation robots, and exoskeletons. Pre-requisites: (ELE401 Electronics I or MEE 391 Instrumentation & Measurements) and (ELE442 Control Systems or MEE445 Control Systems).

MCE550 Robotics and Intelligent Systems   [3-0, 3 cr.] This course introduces fundamental concepts in Robotics. The course discusses basic concepts, including coordinate transformation, kinematics, dynamics, Laplace transforms, equations of motion, feedback and feedforward control, and trajectory planning. These topics will be exemplified with Matlab/Simulink simulation studies. The second part of the course will introduce intelligent robots, including computer vision and introductory artificial Intelligence. Pre-requisites:MEE341 Kinematics and Dynamics of Linkages, ELE442 Control Systems.

MCE552 Computer Vision and Image Processing   [3-0, 3 cr.] This course is concerned with understanding the fundamentals of digital image and video perception, representation, processing, understanding, and compression.  Prerequisites: COE 211 Computer Programming, GNE 331 Probability & Statistics, and ELE 430 Signals and System.

MCE591 Capstone Design Project I   [3-0, 3 cr.] This course covers selected engineering project using acquired technical knowledge, formal report, and presentation. Pre-requisites: Fifth-year standing and the consent of the instructor.

MCE592 Capstone Design Project II  [3-0, 3 cr.] This course covers advanced engineering project, using acquired technical knowledge, formal report, and presentation. Prerequisites: Final year standing and the consent of the instructor; MCE591 Capstone Design Project I. .