Industrial and Mechanical Engineering

MS in Mechanical Engineering

The Masters of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering supports the Lebanese American University’s core mission, vision and values by: a commitment to excellence in education in a new field, constantly striving to improve the overall quality of teaching, research, writing and educational service. The aim of the program is thus to advance an academic understanding of contemporary Mechanical Engineering and address its complexities.

In line with its mission to serve the people of Lebanon and the region in order to achieve economic prosperity and build a better world, and as part of its commitment to provide quality education, the School of Engineering plans to offer graduate studies at the level of a Master’s degree. These degrees respond to a need at the national level for specialized programs and are intended to offer graduate students the opportunity to widen the horizons of their theoretical and practical knowledge, engage in basic and applied research, and prepare themselves for further studies or professional practice.

The graduate programs are expected to enrich our undergraduate programs by offering more graduate level elective courses that fifth year engineering students can take. It is also expected to foster research, which in turn is an essential component of faculty and student academic development.

Available Scholarships

Scholarships and Assistantships.

All applicants are encouraged to contact faculty members with areas of research matching their interest.

To find out about the Graduate Assistantships application deadline, check with the Department’s main office.

Mission statement

The graduate program in Mechanical Engineering strives to provide students with an in-depth and contemporary education that prepares them to be successful leaders in mechanical engineering industries as well as successful researchers able to pursue doctoral studies.

Program Educational objectives

The M.S. in Mechanical Engineering provides a learning-centered environment where accomplished faculty members share their experience and knowledge with students so that graduates will:

  1. Be capable of integrating undergraduate engineering education with advanced graduate topics in several areas of Mechanical Engineering to solve complex problems, with consideration of social, environmental and ethical aspects.
  2. Have the ability to conduct research and to proficiently document the results.

Student outcomes

Upon completion of the M.S. in Mechanical Engineering, graduates are expected to be able to demonstrate the ability to:

  1. Apply knowledge from undergraduate and graduate education and gather information to identify, formulate, and solve new or complex Mechanical engineering problems.
  2. Plan and conduct an organized and systematic study on a significant topic within the field.
  3. Communicate both orally and in writing at a high level of proficiency in the field of study.
  4. Assess the impact of their work on society in consideration to environmental and ethical aspects.