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Professional Online Joint Diploma in Green Technologies

Eligibility and Admission Requirements

The program is offered online for most courses except for the elective labs*.

Each semester you can register up to five (5) or six (6) credits. You can follow at your own pace.

The diploma should be completed in 12-18 months.

For more information, see the detailed eligibility requirements.

*Labs are electives and will be offered face to face. When offered, it is possible to have experiments done intensively over weekends for students taking this type of elective.


Applicants can be professionals or individuals interested and/or involved in the development and implementation of green technologies in their practice. This includes architects, engineers, facility managers and contractors.

Applicants who join the program may have to complete pre-requisites for courses offered in the diploma program or obtain the course instructor’s consent and the program coordinator’s approval. Core courses are designed to include remedial preparation in areas related to social sciences.

Admission Requirements

Applicants should have a bachelor degree in Engineering, Architecture or Science (natural science, mathematics) from recognized universities to be enrolled in the diploma program. Professional experience might be considered on a case-by-case basis where applicants can register as special students not working for the diploma and performance will be assessed in the courses taken.

For more information, see the detailed admissions requirements.

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